LTTF - Questions to consider for Parishes April 22

Looking to the Future - Resources Page

On this page you will find resources to assist us in our reflections on Looking to the Future, Archbishop Nolan's initiative to plan for our future life and ministry as the Archdiocese of Glasgow.

Deanery Councils will be a major process to assist Archbishop Nolan in this process, and the first meeting of our deanery council will take place in the hall of St Michael’s, Dumbarton on Monday, 8th May at 7.00pm. Tea and coffee will be available from 6.45pm. Dates in May were difficult to find as most parishes have Confirmations in May this year. I realise the 8th is a public holiday – inflatable crowns and tiaras are permitted!

The second meeting will be on Monday, 5th June, or Tuesday, 6th June, again in St Michael’s Hall. We can decide at the first meeting which date suits more people.

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