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Trinity Sunday

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.’

As always on this first Sunday after Pentecost, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. This is the central mystery of our faith – our God, one in three persons, in whose name we were all welcomed at our baptism.

In the First Reading Moses reminds the people of everything God has done for them in releasing them from slavery in Egypt. All they – and we– are asked in return for the prosperity and eternal life that God offers, is that we obey the commandments.

In a similar vein, the Psalmist rejoices in the gifts God gives to all his chosen people. We are reminded particularly of the gifts of creation, protection from want and evil, and God’s faithful love.

In the Second Reading, St Paul speaks of the Spirit which makes us all children of God. Through this gift of the Spirit, we, like Jesus, can call God our Father, and share in his glory.

In the Gospel we see the risen Jesus handing on to the disciples their mission of baptising people throughout the world in the name of the Trinity. He reminds them, and ourselves, that he remains with us always.

This week, we pray that filled with God’s Spirit, we will be ready to share the Trinity’s message of love with the people we meet.

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 Andrei Rublev

The Trinity

Cathedral of Christ Saviour, Moscow

Pentecost 2024

Here we are at 2024, having now marked the Feast of Pentecost which celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Church.

We so need the courage and Strength of God the holy Spirit in all our endeavours.

The Holy Spirit weaves the fabric of the Church down through the times to create a great tapestry of colour and design for God. You are part of that.

The Holy Spirit consoles us in moments of challenge and griefs, gives us courage to move on, patience when dealing with tough days, peace when troubled, joy to lift us up.

The Gifts of the Spirit are many and are given to remind us that God is with us, in the Church and in ourselves.

today we celebrate the birthday of the Church.

What presents, what gifts can I bring to this party?

Well the best gift is yourself, your presence at the celebration each Sunday.

The parishes are imbued with so many helping and creating, taking their part and building up the community. Please be part of it as well.

Your contribution is so vital to the creating of that tapestry of God's love today in 2024.

Later this year we celebrate 70 years of the opening of St Mary's Church, an opportune moment to celebrate what the Holy Spirit has done in our Parish, and later next year 2025, Pope Francis has announced a Jubilee year for the Church, so great moments of Hope and Joy awaits us.

The Housemartins had a song out many years ago called the Caravan of love. "Every woman, every man join the caravan of love... stand up" - you can see a lovely quirky video of them singing it by clicking here...

Maybe it is time for me to join and travel with the Spirit and stand up for God.

Happy Pentecost 

Father John McGinley & Deacon Andrew


Mass and Confession Times

Sunday Masses
St. Mary’s - Sat Vigil Mass 5pm; 10am
St. Joseph’s - 12 Noon
Weekday Mass
St. Mary’s - Monday – Friday 9.30am
Sacrament of Reconciliation
St. Mary’s - Saturday 4.15 - 4.45pm
(Please note that the Confession box is the one next to sacristy)
St. Joseph’s - Sunday 11.45am


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